The problem that we have in education is that graduates need experience and a portfolio to get employment. The R5K project gives them the experience of a viable business as well as an entry into a market by means of a product that they earn an income from.


The task of the R5K project is to earn at least R5000 by selling Industrially Designed products to a South African market. We are in our 4th year of this project, and it has proven an invaluable tool in the transition from education to industry. In some cases groups have eared R140 000 and most product continue to sell after graduation. Names are made, and the companies started at CPUT gain attention and acclaim.

We would like our R5K project to help our students even more by giving them more coverage.

How does it use design to improve lives?

Our students use the R5K to pave a path into self employment (or as a portfolio piece for employment.)

It gives the opportunity to start and maintain a live business and make a profit far beyond the constraints of our brief.