World Design Capital pulled out all the stops as they carried out the Makers + Thinkers Exhibition at the Green Point Stadium from 15th October until the 19th October 2014.


We had a lot to be proud of with four of our WDC 2014 recognised projects being selected to be featured at the exhibition. The projects on display included The Informal Trader project, which focuses on the principles of co-design to create design solutions for street vendors, as well as Driving Dreams: Nicky’s Drive, the Informal Trader Project and CPUT Formula Student.




The CPUT Formula Student project showcased a student race car designed by a group of students from different fields of study. The formula car is a single-seater, 600 cc, race car with carbon fibre chassis and adjustable pedal box which was taken to Silverstone in 2014 to compete in the Formula Student UK Competition. The team is the only team from Sub-Saharan Africa to have ever competed in this event and places 45th out of 114 teams this year.




Another popular display was the R5K project, which is an annual 4th year Btech project. The R5K project is one where the students have to raise R5000 in a year starting from February to November, hence the name R5K. This money should be the money that is left after all deductions, such as loans from CPUT, are paid off. These students are grouped in a company of 4 to 5 people per group and they each have to work as a team in designing their products as well as manufacturing at least 15 products per company also based on the price of their product.




This year the students have decided to stick to the South African culture of outdoor adventure by designing products that fit that description such as the keg braai, the braai tool and the food dehydrator.
Here’s a little bit about the three projects which form part of R5K 2014:

SAB keg braai

15 products have been manufactured and four sold thus far each at R2000-00. This product is made using high quality 3.16 stainless steel SAB beer kegs and is able to retain heat, making it perfect for use as a braai.


The Braai Tool (TBT)

This pair of braai tongs has a five-in-one function; it’s a knife, fork, spatula, spoon and even a beer opener and the list goes on. It is priced at R599-00 and this company has already sold up to 12 products from the 100 which were manufactured.


Hey Presto Food Dehydrator

The food dehydrator is a stimulator for biltong lovers. The product comes with a butchery ruler for the dehydrator to work at its fullest capability so that owners can enjoy home-made biltong.